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It evaluates the safety performance off NPPs using 2 areas, 4 categories and 15 indicators and provides the evaluation result in 4 colors for public understanding

Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Area

The ultimate goal of radiation safety is to protect the environment and the health of plant employees and the residents of the region. Radiation safety is divided into an On-site Radiation Safety Category for the protection of NPP employees, and an Off-site Radiation Safety Category for the protection of the residents and the environment.

01. On-site Radiation Safety Category

The purpose of this category is to monitor the adequacy of the on-site personnel protection program for limiting radiation exposure during routine operation.
The Radiation Collective Dose (RCD), as a specific indicator for this category, is to monitor the effectiveness of the licensee's radiological protection programs for minimizing radiation exposure to plant employees.
Radiation Collective Dose(RCD)

The RCD indicator evaluates the radiation exposure of plant employees and subcontractors.

Definition : RCD = Radiation collective dose( man ·Sv)

Note : The sum of the exposure measured for plant employees and subcontractors should be reported.

Boundary value

Boundary Value
Grade, Color, Boundary Value
Grade Color Boundary Value
Excellent 010   Evaluated value < 1 manㆍSv
Good 020 1 manㆍSv ≤ Evaluated value < 3 manㆍSv
Normal 030 3 manㆍSv ≤ Evaluated value < 5 manㆍSv
Warning 040 5 manㆍSv ≤ Evaluated value  


02. Off-site Radiation Safety Category

This category is to monitor the activities for protecting public health and safety from the exposure of radioactive material released as a result of routine operation of nuclear power plant.
The Public Dose/Environmental Radiation (PD/ER) is to ensure the public and environment protection program is maintained by meeting the related regulatory limits.
Public Dose/Environmental Radiation/ER)

PD/ER indicator evaluates the public exposure around the plant site.

Definition : PD/ER =  Public exposure dose(μSv x No. of unit in site

Note : This indicator is evaluated semiannually.

Boundary value

Boundary Value
Grade, Color, Boundary Value
Grade Color Boundary value
Excellent 010   Evaluated Value < 62.5 μSv
Good 020 62.5 μSv ≤ Evaluated Value < 250 μSv
Normal 030 250 μSv ≤ Evaluated Value < 600 μSv
Warning 040 600 μSv ≤ Evaluated Value